Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hank Heads Home

After nearly 5 years of emailing back and forth, I finally got to meet Mark, formerly of Alabama and now (almost) of Oklahoma. He and his Aussie, Miss Fussbudget, arrived after a long trip that took him thru to Colorado to visit his sister for a few days on the way up to Oregon. A moderately minor breakdown just outside of Burns put them here a tad later than expected on Monday, and we sat up until after midnite talking. Mark met both Hank and Henry for the first time for a little bit that night, and then it was bedtime for all of the household.

Mark spent a lot of time playing with both of the boys and seeing how FB reacted as well. FB has been an only dog for almost her whole life, so having a little monster or two chewing on her was quite a shock, but one she handled very well. Unlike their dad, Hoke, FB didn't try to kill them just for existing. She was a bit protective of her person and her toys, but got over it quite nicely. She'll always be first with her dad and Hank will grow up understanding that. Because, yes - Mark and Hank were destined to be together. I'd be holding Hank, and the minute Mark came close, Hank was all about Mark. And, for what Mark will be doing, Hank was the perfect choice too. He'll start training with some big names in the working Aussie world down in Texas next spring, along with FB. And, his first stop after he gets back to Oklahoma? The ASCA Nationals down in Waco, Texas. Just to observe, this time around.

It was sad, as always, to see Hank drive off in Mark's big truck with FB riding shotgun. But, I know where he'll be and whom he'll be with, and that makes it fine. Hank is such a pistol, the Energizer Puppy as we call him, and Mark will have his hands full with him. But, the rewards will be so great, it'll be worth it.

Either that, or I'll be making a trip to Oklahoma to pick the little bugger up in about 6 months.

Momma Cricket and Daddy Hoke in the swing, Great Uncle Ho Dog in the dirt

Hoke, Mark and Hank, and Cricket share a family moment in the swing

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