Sunday, October 10, 2010

Goodbye to Little Andy

We said goodbye to little Andy this afternoon. My pal Tanya, along with her sister Beth and Tanya's two kids came over and spent a lot of time playing with the little guy and evaluating his future as an agility star, and deemed him perfect for them. Andy was really taken with Tanya's daughter, who trains and runs a rescue Papillon in agility currently. Here, she's quite the attraction for great Uncle Ho Dog, who was kinda sad to see the little guy go, but then again, that means he doesn't have to share his treats or humans with him anymore. Andy was the perfect puppy in the house, letting us know when he needed to go out and do his business and then coming back in and having a good time bouncing from lap to lap. Lucky for me, he doesn't live all the far away, and now I'll have an excuse to start going to agility trials again, at least to watch. I can't remember the courses anymore long enough to run them, unfortunately, because it would have been really cool to have both Andy and momma Cricket running at the same trials at some point down the line.

We'll miss the little guy, but we'll get to see him from time to time.

Dale dries the little guy off after his kitchen sink bath

He is absolutely the spitting image of his momma Cricket, without the white boots on the front legs - same face, same expression, same build

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