Saturday, October 2, 2010

Goodbye to Lee and Jan

Well, yesterday we said goodbye to Lee (now known as He Who Currently Does Not Have A Name) and today, little Jan went home. We didn't get any shots of HWCDNHAN, Leslie and Anna as it was getting late. Later on, we'll get shots of all of them with mom and dad for the puppy album.

Don and son Darryl came by to claim Don's little girl Jan this afternoon. After jawing about dogs of yore and dogs today, Dale went out and brought Jan in. Not that he was quite ready to give her up just yet. He held on to her for as long as politely possible before finally, reluctantly, handing her over to poppa Don. She snuggled into Don's arms and watched us talk calmly, with the occasional yawn. Don said that Donna had gone and got tiny Jan a bed big enough for granddaughter Jewel to sleep in (I think Jewel is about 7 years old), bowls, toys, canned food, a collar and Lord knows what else. Donna's out of town until tomorrow night, so Don's going solo with his little chocolate drop tonite. As for crate training - he just turns his hearing aids off at night. If only it were that easy for the rest of us.

And yes. Dale shed a tear or two after they rattled off in Don's big Ford.

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