Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye Cody

I have a cool clock in my office. My mom gave it to me years ago, a Seiko that plays tunes on the hour with a cool pendulum. Right as I started this post, it struck the hour playing 'The Long and Winding Road'. Just seemed so fitting, actually, as this post says goodbye to Cody, now on the long and winding road home to Wisconsin.

Another bittersweet farewell, with one more next Sunday, when Henry boards a plane for Poway, California, to go live with great-grandma Catera and her family. Cody is already slated to return next summer when Jim comes back out to visit with his girlfriend and her kids, and I know what kind of life he's in for - heck, Jim was going to pay $500 a piece for sheep for him (Jim, you knew you'd never live that one down, didn't ya?). Seriously, he's already signed up for puppy classes at the local kennel club and the vet hospital staff has been following him on the blog, anxiously awaiting their first sight of him.

Waiting at the door to go in and find Gizmo to harrass one more time

Almost ready to go

Hey, let's get this show on the road already!!

Well, if we're not going this instant, guess I'll nap then

And they're off. That's okay, they'll be back in about 10 minutes after the stuff that Jim and I forgot to pack in the cooler

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