Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go Henry!!!

Those poor sheep never really had a clue exactly what hit them this evening.

I decided to take Sybil and Henry for a stroll around the maternity pasture now that the triple swap was done. Roar, Dingbat the Wonder Horse and Pepperpot the goat were moved into the south pasture for the winter. The sheep were moved into the maternity (west) pasture. And the two baby girls Dawn and Vicky Cristina moved from the maternity pasture to the north pasture with the big girls for the winter. With no worries about the calves doing the pups damage, I deemed it safe to take a stroll with the two rowdy 11 week olds in the maternity pasture since only the sheep were in there now, and I didn't expect any trouble from them. We moseyed around with the two juvenile delinquents exploring everything with their mouths of course, until we came to the working arena. We leave the gate open to the maternity pasture so that the sheep can come and go as they please and graze the working arena down, and all the sheep were in there as we approached. Both pups were interested, but not overly so. 18 big sheep should rightfully be somewhat intimidating to a coupla 15 pounds puppies. So like we did with Cody and Hank, I just walked the pups around the arena following sheep. They both showed interest but no approach, which was fine by me. That is, until Dale and Gem the BC arrived. I stood out in the arena with the pups as Dale worked with Gem. Now the pups had something exciting to deal with - Gem, their personal chew toy. She of course had zero interest or time for the pups; after all, there were sheep that needed to be disciplined, shoved in a corner and made to stand there for as long as she deemed necessary. The pups followed her around and tried to play with her, when suddenly, Henry SAW THE SHEEP, apparantly for the first time. Just like the ducks, he was off and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Gem finally gave up and laid down and watched 15 pounds of red fluff bully 18 big sheep, one of which had big horns and one of which was the young ram. He cut the two young wether lambs out a few times and laid down the Law of Henry to them, he got rolled, he went into the corner behind them and pushed them out, he was AMAZING! Unfortunately, some of what appeared to be the best pictures didn't come out; it was gloomy and with the poor lighting, the little camera just isn't up to the task, especially a task that involves a lot of motion. Dale was right there with Henry most of the time, but there was absolutely no stopping him. Finally, a few sheep made a break for it thru the open gate back into the maternity pasture, and Henry was on the wrong side of the fence, so I was finally able to snag him on the flyby. From that moment on, he never took his eyes off those sheep.

Sybil, on the other hand, played a bit with them, but she is still eyeing the cows on the other side of the fence. I like the idea of putting the pup with either Gem or Ho Dog to help them turn on and maybe learn a few things too. This may be what we do this winter with Sybil. Sure worked for Henry.

Don't forget to click on the pix. Most of them are pretty fuzzy, but the look on Henry's little face in some of them is worth taking a good look at.

Wonder if Kris would notice that the pup that ends up the crate sure looks a lot like her great grandma Catera instead of his momma Cricket....

This is what was going on before Gem showed up to stir the pot, a lot of looking
Gotta love Sybil's ears here - The Flying Nun in a red merle wimple and habit

Okay, NOW it's go time! You take that bunch of sheep, I'll take the other bunch

Hey, wait for me!

No no, I got this

Okay Sybil, this is my bunch, that's your bunch

Dang, why does that BC keep getting in the way!

I GOT this!

Does it really take three dogs to move one shepherd and 18 sheep?

Seriously. I got this!

Hey, you slacker - get thru that gate like you're supposed to!
Oh you dumb little lamb, you are SUCH toast! I'll floss these baby teeth with your WOOL!

You guys can't be serious - do you see the look on my face? Do I LOOK like I'm messin' around here?

Thru the gate, thru the gate or else!

My sheep. All mine

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