Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cody at 9 Weeks

Cody gets jiggy with the ducks and Uncle Ho Dog at the 9 week mark. His new pop will be here next week to take him back to the frozen hinterlands of Wisconsin. Good thing he's got a great, heavy coat!

What a lovely, controlled, head-down walk up on the ducks, who aren't all flappy and squawking all over the place. Reminds me a lot of his momma Cricket

Notice how quietly the ducks are walking and also how far back Cody is from them? Just enough to keep them moving quietly. It's called 'rate' and many working dogs don't have it and have to be taught it via command

Here, he's gone off the fence to push them back on the fenceline after he accidently lifted them off. However, Uncle Ho Dog is about to finally lose it altogether and mess this all up. That one is for another post

The aftermath - Uncle Ho and Cody guzzle at the local watering hole

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