Sunday, October 24, 2010

And Then There Was One

At 0330 this morning, we left the ranch for the short drive to the airport in Eugene to put Henry and his new family on a plane back to Southern California. Kris and her eldest daughter Betsy were only here for literally a day, just enough time to fly in and fly out with a visit to Hazelnut Hill ( for a little shopping in between.

Henry will be living with his great-grandma, our first Hall of Fame dam, Catera, who will turn 13 in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see how she handles this ball of red fur that claims to be her great-grandson. One thing for sure - Henry will be at least as spoiled as Catera in that household!

That leaves little Sybil here now, all alone. But her sister Jan did stop by for a short visit yesterday, to get her nails clipped and for her servant, I mean owner, Don, to drop off a box of tasty apples that shortly turned into a pie for dessert. With the weather turning so suddenly to wind and rain, everyone's in the house today, and Sybil is learning all about why X pens were made. One large, frozen beef knuckle, a blanket and an X pen means I might just go take a well deserved nap.

We'll miss our feisty boy Henry, but we know what kind of home he's headed for, so no worries. He might even get the chance to go work stock with his daddy's breeder, Tom, of Southern Cross Aussies out in Ramona!

Be good, Henry - we know were you live!

Henry in Betsy's arms, with Kris, momma Cricket and daddy Hoke

Betsy, Henry and daddy Hoke


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