Sunday, October 31, 2010

Papillons of the Fall

Don't forget to click on the pix. Gizmo on a fine, cool fall day after the rains washed everything clean (except him).

The Ho is in the House

And you just gotta wonder how exactly he gets IN that tiny doghouse. But, it's his fave, where he goes every evening after dinner. To watch him insert himself in there is to watch magic happen.

Happy Henryween!

Yah, I know, pretty lame. But, it's late on Halloween night, I've got a ton of pix to post, and well, that's just the best I could do. And this is just a taste - for more uber-cute pix of young Henry with his 13 year old great-grandma Catera, check it out:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeper and Woodie, Bros on the Half Shell

Jean sent me two great pix of Keeper and his half bro, Woodie, both by Ho Dog's little bro Coup. Woodie is by Coup out of Cricket's sister Macy, so that makes Woodie our gang's cousin and then some. And, after seeing the great head shot of Keeper (the older dog), I had to dig out a pix of Bruce. Bruce is Catera's brother, and Catera is Coup's mom. I think I see a little resemblence...

Bruce, about 3 years old

Keeper and baby half bro Woodie

Ho's Nephew Keeper

A very cool video of Keeper, out of Dani by Coup, Ho's little bro. Keeper is owned by Jean J out on that other coast and in training with Cindi. Keeper's registered name is Quantum Keeper of WignKiss, and he's a very handsome red merle with a lot of talent. Keeper is 3 1/2 years old.

Many thanks to Jean for sending these videos along!

If these don't work, email me and I'll send ya the link if you want to see them.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lazy Day Dog

Old man Ho Dog on a cold, rainy, lazy day.

Sybil Flies Solo

Henry made it home to Poway, California safe and sound after some wild weather and flight delays on Sunday afternoon. Sybil went right into the role of 'only puppy' like she was born to it. Her first night in the crate in the bedroom, she was perfect - never made a sound. Momma Cricket kept hopping down off the bed to check on her, however, and then hopping back up after she was satisified that her daughter was fine. Even daddy Hoke now thinks about playing with her. Cricket still keeps a close eye on both Hoke and Gem the BC when they are playing with her, and should Cricket decide that the adults are too rough, she steps right in with a few quick snaps to remind them that momma is still watching over her daughter.

We've decided that she's taking right after daddy Hoke - just ask Dale about the day I brought Hoke home from Tom and Karla's. He took one look at this ugly, skinny, gangly, all-long-pointy-nose-and-big-floppy-eared pup and asked me if I was kidding. But I knew there was a handsome swan under all that, and there was. She is turning into the spitting image of her dad right now, one of the few pups that seemed to take after him. Riley takes after great-great-great-grandma Morgan; Jan, grandma Sinamint; Hank actually is kind of looking like Las Rocosa Poco Lena, mother of Cadillac Jack, Hank's paternal double great-great grandpa; Henry and Andy are definitely their mother's sons; and Cody, well, he's just drop dead gorgeous and takes more after the Morgan side of the family.

Sybil has a good time following me around during chores in the morning and afternoon. She's still unsure of the kittens, who are pretty sure they don't want anything to do with her. The cows and the goat totally capture her attention. And, she did finally do it - during a little rainstorm the other day, she hit the hotwire out in the pasture. With a mighty yelp she lit out for me with ears pinned and legs churning, yodeling the whole way. At 8500 volts, with the wet ground and nose, it's no wonder. But unlike when Gem the BC did it her first time, Sybil accepted it and had zero hesitation to go back out into the pasture. She just stays away from the fence now. It was months before we could drag Gem back out on a leash after her incident, but almost 2 years later, she's finally forgotten and forgiven the fence. Plus, she discovered that the pasture leads to sheep.

Such an insolent child, sticking her tongue out at her momma

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Riley - Aussie, Pointer, Puppy

Another fab set of pix from Anna H of Riley (the puppy formerly known as Lee) in his guise as a pointer. Handsome devil, isn't he?

And Then There Was One

At 0330 this morning, we left the ranch for the short drive to the airport in Eugene to put Henry and his new family on a plane back to Southern California. Kris and her eldest daughter Betsy were only here for literally a day, just enough time to fly in and fly out with a visit to Hazelnut Hill ( for a little shopping in between.

Henry will be living with his great-grandma, our first Hall of Fame dam, Catera, who will turn 13 in a few weeks. It will be interesting to see how she handles this ball of red fur that claims to be her great-grandson. One thing for sure - Henry will be at least as spoiled as Catera in that household!

That leaves little Sybil here now, all alone. But her sister Jan did stop by for a short visit yesterday, to get her nails clipped and for her servant, I mean owner, Don, to drop off a box of tasty apples that shortly turned into a pie for dessert. With the weather turning so suddenly to wind and rain, everyone's in the house today, and Sybil is learning all about why X pens were made. One large, frozen beef knuckle, a blanket and an X pen means I might just go take a well deserved nap.

We'll miss our feisty boy Henry, but we know what kind of home he's headed for, so no worries. He might even get the chance to go work stock with his daddy's breeder, Tom, of Southern Cross Aussies out in Ramona!

Be good, Henry - we know were you live!

Henry in Betsy's arms, with Kris, momma Cricket and daddy Hoke

Betsy, Henry and daddy Hoke


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Go Henry!!!

Those poor sheep never really had a clue exactly what hit them this evening.

I decided to take Sybil and Henry for a stroll around the maternity pasture now that the triple swap was done. Roar, Dingbat the Wonder Horse and Pepperpot the goat were moved into the south pasture for the winter. The sheep were moved into the maternity (west) pasture. And the two baby girls Dawn and Vicky Cristina moved from the maternity pasture to the north pasture with the big girls for the winter. With no worries about the calves doing the pups damage, I deemed it safe to take a stroll with the two rowdy 11 week olds in the maternity pasture since only the sheep were in there now, and I didn't expect any trouble from them. We moseyed around with the two juvenile delinquents exploring everything with their mouths of course, until we came to the working arena. We leave the gate open to the maternity pasture so that the sheep can come and go as they please and graze the working arena down, and all the sheep were in there as we approached. Both pups were interested, but not overly so. 18 big sheep should rightfully be somewhat intimidating to a coupla 15 pounds puppies. So like we did with Cody and Hank, I just walked the pups around the arena following sheep. They both showed interest but no approach, which was fine by me. That is, until Dale and Gem the BC arrived. I stood out in the arena with the pups as Dale worked with Gem. Now the pups had something exciting to deal with - Gem, their personal chew toy. She of course had zero interest or time for the pups; after all, there were sheep that needed to be disciplined, shoved in a corner and made to stand there for as long as she deemed necessary. The pups followed her around and tried to play with her, when suddenly, Henry SAW THE SHEEP, apparantly for the first time. Just like the ducks, he was off and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. Gem finally gave up and laid down and watched 15 pounds of red fluff bully 18 big sheep, one of which had big horns and one of which was the young ram. He cut the two young wether lambs out a few times and laid down the Law of Henry to them, he got rolled, he went into the corner behind them and pushed them out, he was AMAZING! Unfortunately, some of what appeared to be the best pictures didn't come out; it was gloomy and with the poor lighting, the little camera just isn't up to the task, especially a task that involves a lot of motion. Dale was right there with Henry most of the time, but there was absolutely no stopping him. Finally, a few sheep made a break for it thru the open gate back into the maternity pasture, and Henry was on the wrong side of the fence, so I was finally able to snag him on the flyby. From that moment on, he never took his eyes off those sheep.

Sybil, on the other hand, played a bit with them, but she is still eyeing the cows on the other side of the fence. I like the idea of putting the pup with either Gem or Ho Dog to help them turn on and maybe learn a few things too. This may be what we do this winter with Sybil. Sure worked for Henry.

Don't forget to click on the pix. Most of them are pretty fuzzy, but the look on Henry's little face in some of them is worth taking a good look at.

Wonder if Kris would notice that the pup that ends up the crate sure looks a lot like her great grandma Catera instead of his momma Cricket....

This is what was going on before Gem showed up to stir the pot, a lot of looking
Gotta love Sybil's ears here - The Flying Nun in a red merle wimple and habit

Okay, NOW it's go time! You take that bunch of sheep, I'll take the other bunch

Hey, wait for me!

No no, I got this

Okay Sybil, this is my bunch, that's your bunch

Dang, why does that BC keep getting in the way!

I GOT this!

Does it really take three dogs to move one shepherd and 18 sheep?

Seriously. I got this!

Hey, you slacker - get thru that gate like you're supposed to!
Oh you dumb little lamb, you are SUCH toast! I'll floss these baby teeth with your WOOL!

You guys can't be serious - do you see the look on my face? Do I LOOK like I'm messin' around here?

Thru the gate, thru the gate or else!

My sheep. All mine

Sybil, 11 Week Old Wise One

A few shots of Sybil on our stroll around the working arena. She's totally focused on something, and I think you might guess exactly what from the previous post.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Henry at 11 Weeks

Our handsome boy, Henry, at 11 weeks old. Henry's got a plane ticket for an early Sunday departure from Eugene bound for the endless sunshine and warmth of Poway, California, near San Diego, to go live with his great grandma Catera (who I'm sure will be SO very thrilled) and her servants, I mean family, Kris and Guy, with visits from their daughters Betsy and Katie. He looks so much like his mom, and I wish that the pictures of them lying side by side had come out in focus, but of course, they didn't.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye Cody

I have a cool clock in my office. My mom gave it to me years ago, a Seiko that plays tunes on the hour with a cool pendulum. Right as I started this post, it struck the hour playing 'The Long and Winding Road'. Just seemed so fitting, actually, as this post says goodbye to Cody, now on the long and winding road home to Wisconsin.

Another bittersweet farewell, with one more next Sunday, when Henry boards a plane for Poway, California, to go live with great-grandma Catera and her family. Cody is already slated to return next summer when Jim comes back out to visit with his girlfriend and her kids, and I know what kind of life he's in for - heck, Jim was going to pay $500 a piece for sheep for him (Jim, you knew you'd never live that one down, didn't ya?). Seriously, he's already signed up for puppy classes at the local kennel club and the vet hospital staff has been following him on the blog, anxiously awaiting their first sight of him.

Waiting at the door to go in and find Gizmo to harrass one more time

Almost ready to go

Hey, let's get this show on the road already!!

Well, if we're not going this instant, guess I'll nap then

And they're off. That's okay, they'll be back in about 10 minutes after the stuff that Jim and I forgot to pack in the cooler