Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pups Just Havin' Fun

Hank and Jan enjoyed some one-on-one time with poppa Hoke. Or at least tried to. Hoke is more of a hands-off type father, as in 'getcher little paws off me you little buggers before I bite you!'. He was actually more tolerant than expected, but then again, there were cows right in front of his nose, on the other side of the fence keeping his attention off his offspring.


Poppa Hoke and daughter Jan. Dale's hand ready to scoop her up in case dad gets really irate

Hank kills a dead leaf dead

Yeah, we know - he's not gonna find what he thinks there. Dale didn't want me to post this pix of Hoke because he didn't want to embarrass Hoke

You can see the devilish glint to his eyes, can't you?

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