Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pups Aplenty

Friday was the pup's big day, a day for visitors for the first real time. Leslie, from Eugene, came over in the morning before the heat really got cookin', got her 15 minutes of lively puppy action before they all crashed. Later, when the heat did make its appearance, Tim arrived with his pal Clay from Bend for round two. Tim flew in to Bend from Las Vegas, then he and Clay drove over from Bend to the ranch for their few minutes of puppy play, until they all crashed from the heat. Puppies at this age are very much on or off, not much in between. Except for Hank. Hank is the Energizer Puppy, the boldest, most active of the bunch. But eventually, even Hank gave it up for the day. On Saturday, our Murray Grey pals Alex and Toni drove up with Violet, Millie and Millie's son Speedy in the trailer to bring them back and pick up a load of hay. Violet and Millie were down visiting their bull Tali for some, well, you know what. And of course, they had to enter the Palace for some quality puppy breath time. It was about 25 degree cooler yesterday than it was on Friday, so the pups were pretty active, but even so, they didn't quite last 30 minutes before tiring out and crashing.

They are growing up so fast! Lots of puppy fights going on and the barking is increasing. They were started on dry food mixed with their mush on Friday and don't really seem to get it yet; mom usually cleans up after them, which is okay. We had tiny Andy and Jinnee out by the swing yesterday, and we got our first glimpse of how smart and willing these guys are. Ginnee wandered off a bit; I called her with the high-pitched 'puppuppuppuppup' I use. She came running back immediately and sat in front of me. At a little over a month old. Then, I started walking towards the kennel run, and she followed right behind me. While I was putting her up, Andy wandered over to the far front corner of the house from the swing where Dale was, and Dale called him back - he too came running as fast as his tiny little legs could go, right to Dale. He too followed me to the kennel run as well. That was the first time we asked for them to do something for us (except not chew on every exposed bit of skin they can find on us). I'm pretty happy with that.

Enjoy the pix, and don't forget to click!

Dale and Andy get a little male bonding going

Gem with her nemisis, Hank, who thinks of her as his personal chew toy. This boy is BOLD, and has been since his eyes opened

Gem is double teamed by Jan and Hank

Jan gets some face time with Gem

Lee's turn

Hank in a very rare quiet moment, probably contemplating his next move

Lee. As sweet as he is handsome

Mom Cricket and daughter Jinnee have some girl time together

Love Jinnee's tongue there

Headless Hank, under Cody and Jan on a hot summer's afternoon

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