Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pup Meets Goat

It was Hank and Jan's turn to hang with us under the trees in the swings and rockers, and poppa Hoke joined us as well. This was quite an interesting sequence - Hank, all of 5 weeks old, 'working' Pepperpot the goat thru the fence - the first time he's seen any sort of livestock up close. I now know for a fact what I was merely speculating on earlier - this boy's gonna be trouble, but in a good sort of way. If that sort of way actually exists.

He was happily following pop along when he spotted the heifer

Now, it's Pepperpot the 2 year old Nubian doe that catches his eye. Seriously catches his eye

She comes closer, he prepares to go for her nose. He didn't notice that fence in the way. Had the camera actually taken the picture when I asked it to, it would have been pretty funny

Pepperpot would move and he'd immediately go to head her off, but that dang fence thingy just kept jumpin' up in front of him

Ooooo, if this fence wasn't here, goat.....

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