Saturday, September 11, 2010

Polaris Princess-in-Training

Our still yet to be named girl has started her Polaris training. We were doing work around the working arena, so I had her follow me out on foot to where daddy Hoke and Dale were with the puttputt (Polaris Ranger). We had a little detour on the way (last pix) that involved the Gangsta Girls and some bales of hay that needed to be straightened out, more or less.

It was amazing that poppa Hoke sat that close to her without gettin' all grumpy on us, but he did. Sorta. There was the occasional 'yer too close, kid' grumble from him

I know, I know - hard to see it all but she's got the chickens pinned on the bales, where she put them before she realized that she herself couldn't quite get up there. Yet. I'm sure the Gangsta Girls realize their escape clauses will become far more limited very quickly


  1. If we name her, we can have her, right?! Vivian wants this one or Cody! ;)

  2. Hehehee, no bud, sorry, that's not how it works!