Friday, September 10, 2010

Playtime - Cody and Henry

Every day at least 2 of the pups get out under the trees for some free time away from their sibs, to go explore and play and learn to come when called and things like that. Yesterday, it was Henry and Cody's turn first, and for fun we had momma Cricket out for some one-on-one with them. She has a lot more fun with them two at a time than seven at a time and can teach them better this way. It's a real hoot watching them at this age!

Cody gets in mom's face while Henry watches and waits for the inevitable to happen

Cody and mom - don't forget to click for full sized versions

Henry's turn

Cody is just shameless, isn't he?

Two tired

I wasn't chewing on her ear, honest!

Hey, where'd everybody go?

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