Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Open Wider

On a fine Monday Labour Day morn, our buddy and contractor extraordinaire Alex showed up to start the dairy barn garage door widening project so that it would no longer require two people to insert Really Big Red into the garage and remove him so as to not incur any damage to either tires or body/mirrors. And by the end of the day, not only had Alex and Dale deconstructed and reframed the main garage door, they did the same to the side door entrance to fix a sagging frame and actually, for the first time, install a real header to prevent that from ever happening again. Seems that whomever built both door did not understand that a good, strong header - really, ANY sort of header would have been better than the lack of one - is needed on such wide openings to prevent such sagging of the framing. Plus, logic dictates that you do NOT install the 2X4's flat-wise, stacked one on top of the other, and expect that with or without a header it would never sag. Because it will. And it did. A LOT. But now that it's fixed (that is for the puttputt door), it's clear that the swinging doors were cut to match the sagging frame because they both have a neat bow to the tops that matches the former sag of the frame. But now, thanks to the hard work the guys put into both door openings, they are right, and strong, and correctly plumb and the tire sidewall shredding cement things are cut back to where they should have been, and we slipped RBR right in without a thought, mirrors right where they should be, plenty of room on both sides.

After all that, the guys went out and loaded about 3 tons of hay on Alex's trailer which he then hauled home and unloaded. To say Dale was beat by the end of the day would be like saying Texas got a little sprinkle of rain yesterday (and today). But it sure all looks great. Now we just wait for the new garage door to arrive in a few weeks and we'll be DONE with the dairy barn garage door project, after 4 years of saying we needed to do it.

Now we just need to get the bigger electric circuit run to that garage, and put a new roof on it and patch the ugly, cracked like a canyon floor, and we'll be more or less done with it.

A Door with a View

Dale carries off another section of old garage door

It's a bit hard to see the sag in the top centre of the door opening, but believe me - it's there. And, note the lack of header as well. Which is why it sagged

Door all gone. Cracks in floor remain. Those are the small ones

I kinda liked this Art Deco sort of look. Alex wonders at how hard it is going to be to make everything straight and plumb for the first time ever

The tire-shredders goin' DOWN, baby!

The puttputt door, now finally properly framed and the sag vanquished forever, and a real header installed

THIS is how the framing is supposed to be done. THIS is NOT how it was done - the boards were stacked in top of each other instead of paralleling each other like this. There is no strength the other way, which coupled with the lack of header, caused a major sag in the frame

Newly and correctly framed garage door, complete with actual header installed, just waiting for that new door to arrive

With the temporary door installed

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