Sunday, September 19, 2010

O Henry!

In between rain showers, it was Henry's turn to go see what ducks were all about. He watched them as I carried him around the area, and then with a big bark and a lurch, he wanted DOWN and he wanted down NOW. The ducks have the routine down now - puppy on the ground, start waddling away as fast as possible. Henry got right with the programme. That leaves only little Andy and the girls, of which I think only Sybil (yes, it appears that is going to finally be her name) is big enough to try right now, as both Jan and Andy won't be able to see over the grass and I don't want them getting poked in the eye with a piece of vegetation. So we might try Sybil this afternoon and see how she goes. But right now, we're four for four and I'm pretty darn thrilled about that.

Hey, I got this, I got this!

Plenty of focus; love the ears

Nice rate and yes, he sees the Reluctant Duck, trust me

A little extra attention to the RD, and very appropriate - no teeth at all

Still being nice to RD

For some reason, Henry went to head and turned RD around. The next four pix show the sequence of event with a young pup trying to figure out how to point a lone duck in the right direction

He's going to go to head again, around the pool. VERY nice

He turns the duck again. The flock is on the other side of the pool to the left, past the green tube gate where we started this at

Going to head again. Here, he reminds me of Gem the BC, who had this thing about stock - stick 'em somewhere and NEVER let them move

Okay, now we're headed in the right direction, provided Henry doesn't try to head the duck off again. He didn't, and RD rejoined his flock and we went forward

This is too funny - I call it Duck March

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