Thursday, September 9, 2010

Name that Pup

Normally, I have my pup named almost from the moment they are born, if not shortly thereafter, but not this one. First born, butt-first, big and stuck like a cork, I had to pull her and from that moment, I knew she was staying right here, she was trouble and she was born old. I'm not much for the reincarnation thing, but I swear, this is Morgan, reborn as a red merle 20.5 years later. Those of you who had the honour to know Morgan, you know of what I speak. A month old and already a drill seargant - 'NO FUN ALLOWED' on her watch. She disciplines her brothers for the slightest transgression, or possibly, just because they exist. Yesterday, her and Lee were out under the trees with us for some away time from their sibs, and she shows a fine, low heel - just ask poor Lee. I'm not kidding - head down sideways, grab that heel just above the paw, make your point and get out of there. And always, she hit the leg with the weight on it, just as she should. The Gangsta Girls are still clucking about their encounter with her Tuesday. She already comes and sits and follows behind; no type of surface fazes her in the least - grass, asphalt, concrete, bark, gravel, wood deck, carpet, lino - doesn't bother her at all. She made her own agility course yesterday with the rocking chairs under the tree, going in and out of the legs (and occasionally bumping into a leg when she had a big head of steam up and couldn't stop in time) and over the stays, fearless. She takes corrections well and on the first one, and will look me in the eye while she's upside down in my arms getting a belly rub with a look I well recognize from Morgan. It's the 'what do you want me to do for you' look, the 'teach me something cool' look.

So, I've tried a few names for her. 'Scoot', 'Jinnee' and 'Sybil', the latter is one that keeps popping into my head, but no offense to any and all Sybils/Cybills out there, I don't care for that name much. As Leslie and I were laughing about it when I told her, the first thing that pops into both our heads is Sally Fields in the movie about the woman with like 500 different personalities. And then of course Cybill Shepherd with Bruce Willis in 'Moonlighting', a show I never watched anyway. If it's any help, her registered name is Morgan Rivers Bellfountain Belle and no, Belle is not in the running.

I'm more in tune with short, one or possibly two syllabal names, and nothing totally weird. Remember that she is a working girl, not a party girl, and diginified, serious and wise for her age. Like I said, Morgan reborn. If you've got something for me to try on for her, zip it along to me at and thanks for the help!

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