Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Month Old

Can you believe the little monsters are a month old already? It seems like just a week or so ago Stan, Spencer and George were tiptoeing around the place so as not to disturb Cricket in her labour of giving birth.

They got wormed again and nails clipped yesterday, and we also started introducing the brush to them. Thus far, they don't seem to care much at all except for the whole 'lets try and eat that thing' attitude. But that attitude applies to anything that gets within range of their little needle teeth at the moment. Nothing is safe, as you'll see later down the line in these pictures. I keep thinking of that salon that had people put their feet into buckets of water full of some mini-pirahna type fish that ate the dead skin off of them. You could get sort of the same effect by walking into the Puppy Palace with bare feet, only the horde doesn't discriminate between dead skin and live skin - to them, it's all edible, and apparantly quite tasty.

You gotta love the look on great-uncle Ho Dog's face outside the Palace - 'better you than me, Cricket!' Or maybe 'I'm so glad I'm a boy'
Yeah, I hear ya, Cricket. However, YOU are the one who won't stay out of the Palace!

You can just tell what Henry and Cody are thinking, can't you? 'It's not THAT high'

But it's little Jan who does her best to scale the wall

Hank is one of the two who could definitely escape if they wanted to, along with sister Scoot. We'll take care of that little problem here shortly

Andy gets after some blanket

Henry tries to go down for a nap, but someone keeps sticking a camera in his face

So he gives up and gets into the camera's face instead. He's becoming more and more Ho Dog like every day, just like Lee

Jan says, 'I've got the big rubber pickle and NO ONE is taking it away from me'

Lee strikes a pensive pose, considering whether to buy AT&T or sell Microsoft

Scoot and Lee contemplate The Wall with it's new, hi-tech extension

Cody works those little needles in his mouth

Lee takes on a nap, complete with a wad of shedded sheep hair from one of our Dorpedo's (Dorper X Barbado cross hair sheep)

Jan takes on the camera strap

I wish the flash hadn't gone off, but Jan didn't seem to mind

Jan also tries out those teeth on my hand

Probably one of my fave pix of Jan, a lucky shot as I just put the camera in front of where I thought her face was, off to the side of me, and took the shot

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