Friday, September 17, 2010

Lee Takes on the Ducks

It was Lee's turn today to hassle the ducks, and hassle them he did. Not as much sustained drive as Hank, but he showed some really, REALLY nice moves out there. Remembering that they are all of 6 weeks old, and that the grass in the arena is taller than they are, and this is an ASCA regulation sized duck arena - I think these guys are awesome!

THIS was amazing - he's got his eye on the lead duck (out of the pix) and he kept that eye on that lead duck until he stopped that lead duck cold, then he went back to the back and kept 'em going in the same direction. This would be a nice move on a Started dog, let alone a 6 week old pup first time on stock of any kind (other than siblings)

Look at the eye on him already

Giving the ducks a little water break

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