Monday, September 13, 2010

Hank Meets Ducks

Since the cows and calves aren't going to let up anytime soon (weaned calves yesterday, sleep deprived today), instead of a much needed nap before taking Gem the BC to the vet, I took Hank out to see the new ducks and see what he thought of them. I wasn't even gonna do anything but just carry him around them, but the second we entered the round pen and he saw them, I knew I'd end up dropping that squirming, whining bundle of fur so I turned him loose. Here is how it went - Hank hit the ground running, the ducks took one look at him and they started running, and every single time they tried to pull off the fence to go across the arena, a little bundle of red and white fur went out to the side to push them back on the fenceline - all happening at about half the speed of sound. Hank heeled one reluctant duck and dug another one out of the corner where the crate is (before I could get there to help him, I might add) and I had to go catch him to finally get him to quit. By then, he was pretty tired so he didn't complain at all when I gently put him in the water, then carried him back to the Puppy Palace. I knew he'd be the one most likely to get right after it, and I was right - so take notes, puppy people, you've seen what this guy is capable of!

He had no more than hit the ground than I ceased to exist

There's no poop eating or sniffing around or any other stuff goin' on with this dynamo

The Reluctant Duck gets a little motivation from some needle sharp teeth - and I even believe he's hitting the leg with the weight on it

No, he's not sniffing, I just caught him with head on the down stroke

I didn't get him getting the duck out of the corner here, as I'd shut the camera off to go help him. However, he did not need my help at all

Let's go the other way for a bit, shall we?

Look at that nice rate, will ya?

Okay, so much for rate

Reluctant Duck would have gotten heeled again but as soon as Hank got within striking distance, RD decided to rejoin the flock posthaste

Rounding the turn, headed for home is one VERY tired but not willing to give in pup and a gaggle of ducks who simply did not know what hit them

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