Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gonna Need a Bigger Bowl

A passel of puppy pictures for you to enjoy. You'll notice that we're about to make the move to a two bowl feeding system here very shortly.

All the pups passed their CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) eye exams yesterday with flying colours. Along with that they got a bunch of firsts - their first bath (Monday afternoon); first time locked in a crate (Tuesday); first ride in a big, noisy diesel truck (also Tuesday) and the exam itself, including the time spent cruising the floor of the exam room, eating the chairs and pulling a rug around for fun. They slept hard on the way home, never made a peep. I was pretty happy with their behaviour all in all.

To paraphrase Roy Schneider's eternally famous line from 'Jaws' - we're gonna need a bigger bowl

great uncle Ho meets Jan

Ho and Jan

Jessica hangs with her faves Hank and Miss No Name Still

Henry tries to get Carla's attention the hard way while Lee tried to do the same thing much more politely

Dale with the Dynamic Duo, Henry and Miss No Name

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