Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free The Bellfountain Seven!

It's been one adventure after another here for the Bellfountain Seven. Yesterday, we had Dave here for our bi-weekly stockdog training sessions for Gem and puppy poppa Hoke. And, since Don is getting Jan to help with his cattle on his ranch across the way from us, he came over to meet Dave and talk to him a bit about that. Don being Don, since he was seeding and fertilizing one of his pastures about that time, he just drove his Green Machine (John Deere tractor to you civilians) over. I brought Jan out for him to hold, and he just went right ahead and drove down to the working area - with her in his arms. She wasn't too sure about this whole deal at first, but by the time he got down there, she was cool with it. After a bit she wanted down, so he put her down in the pasture and let her wander around for a bit and watch daddy work. When Hoke and I were done, I went back to the house to drop him off and pick up Gem the BC, so I took Jan with me for her first ride in the puttputt (Polaris Ranger UTV for you civilians). Dropped her and dad off, picked up Sybil (Jan's red merle sister in yet another new name) and Gem, and Sybil got HER first ride in the puttputt. Now, 99.9% of the time I have my camera in my pocket (that's why they call it a pocket camera) except of course, when we're working. We're WORKING, not taking pictures, so I had dropped it off at the house. Thus, no pix of Jan and Don on the tractor and no pix of Sybil taking on the Gangsta Girls (the 2 Australorp and 2 Silver Laced Wyandotte hens) on the way back. Dave, Gem and Dale rode in the puttputt while Sybil and I walked back. We came across the Gangsta Girls by the big silver barn, and you could see those genes kick right in. Sybil took one look at them, walked away from me and up to the hens, and as they moved to the left, SHE moved to the left. When they straightened out, SHE straightened out. I was so bummed I didn't have the camera. But, the ducks may be here this week, so there'll be plenty of Kodak Moments coming.

The Bellfountain Seven, safely behind bars

Cody and Andy check for escape holes

Hank and Cody, aka The Tongue. I think he gets it from great uncle Ho Dog

Henry starts his dogwalk training

Up he goes

There is no place safe from these menaces - Cody manages to climb up on to Cricket's only (formerly) safe haven, the top of the crate

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