Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flying Solo

Trying a new name on for size, Jinnee hangs out in the house for a bit this fine summer's morn, eyeing Gizmo's proud tail with that familiar glint in her eye. Her great-grandmother, Catera, had a thing for Gizmo's tail as a puppy too. Gizmo is about 6 months older than Catera, so they were puppies together. When Catera was a wee pup, she could grab his tail and hang on for the ride. Then, she'd grab his tail and head for the couch, but she just couldn't quite make it up with 4 or 5 pounds of angry Papillon dragging behind. Then, she COULD make it onto the couch with 5 or 6 pounds of angry Papillon dragging behind. Of course, he's now 13.5 years old, still only 8 or 9 pounds on a good day with high humidity and a full belly, and doesn't have a lot of teeth left, so he may once again lose the fight to the red merle Aussie puppy.

You have been warned, Gizmo. Watch your tail. By the way, that's his summer bed there.


  1. What a face! She is just lovely. I love the name choice by the way, nice throwback to great-great grandma.