Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daily Puppy Fix

Didn't take a lot of pix today for some reason. Oh yeah, changed shorts and forgot to put camera in pocket of new ones. Typical. Leslie came by for some corn, peppers, a melon exchange and her weekly dose of puppy breath. The four boys came out to play under the trees with us and were dashing madly around; Hank of course ranged far and wide, Andy snoozed by the X pen and Lee and Henry were up to no good in the plant corner. In between, they were mobbing us (Leslie, mostly - I'm not new and exciting to them anymore) and chewing on everything they could get their little needles into.

Today, they also got the run of the run for the first time. All that time they spend trying to get OUT of the Puppy Palace, they spent almost as much time trying to get back IN to the Puppy Palace once they were out. But not because they were scared or anything, not these guys - mostly because they hadn't found the outside water pan and just wanted a drink. I put the grumpy old men into the other run to spare them the harrassment and to save a puppy or three from a fate they really wouldn't want any part of. Sheesh. You'd think dad would want to teach his offspring to run and bark at the cows coming up to water along the fenceline and stuff like that. Not Hoke, no siree. He just wanted to get away from that pack of pirahnas he sired.

Ho meets his great-niece. That is, of course, Gem the BC's butt and tail there. She was busy chewing on Hank as usual

Just like this. Weird relationship those two have

Hank calls on Henry to help him gang up on Gem. She weighs a whopping 38 pounds; Henry's not far behind

And still she nurses them. Even thru the Tshirt. There is just no convincing her that it is TIME, they have TEETH and do not need her milk any more. And man alive, that has GOT to hurt!

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