Friday, September 17, 2010

Cody, the Duckmaster

After Lee, it was Cody's turn before we had to give the poor ducks a break for the day. They're a bit out of shape, but two sessions a day like this (about 45 minutes apart or more), they'll shape up in no time. Cody wasn't too sure to start out; he sat and watched me move them around the arena slowly once, but when we came back to where he was sitting, he'd figured the whole thing out and he was off and running. Another nice pup who, like Lee, showed me some really nice stuff. I'm pretty pleased with all three boys. Can't wait to see the rest of the gang out there and see where we're at. At the end of our session, Romance the cow wandered over to greet us at the gate to the arena (hoping for apples, I'm sure), and she met Cody. It was tough to take the pix holding pup in one hand and camera in the other, but you get the gist.

Ah, he gets it now

Here he's showing the same thing that Lee showed me - eyeing the lead duck and staying out wide in order to stop forward movement, and it worked

Now, the nice walk up - isn't that just pretty as a picture?

Staying out wide. He's stopped them and turned them, now he'll push them the other way

Biding his time but not taking his eyes off them

Look at how nice and outside he is, not following right up their butts. He is already showing nice eye and even a little rate from time to time

Another nice walk into them to get the moving after he accidently stopped them. This would be exceptional in a green Started dog, let alone a first time, 6 week old pup

Still holding the outside eye

He broke it, now he has to fix it. And, he does. He figured out quickly that if he came in on the fence, they'd lift off it but he also came in too straight and hard, thus causing a split of sorts. All part of the learning process

Like Lee, he's got the lead duck in his sights

Nicely done! He waited until they were all back together again, didn't push or rush them. Did I mention that he's 6 weeks old and this is his first time on stock?

Uh oh, now what? Go get these guys, or.....

....these guys? Both Cody and the ducks were about done by now

Romance the cow meets Cody the pup

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