Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Border Collies as Chew Toys

Gem the BC who just turned 2 a few weeks ago, has found her calling in life. It is to be a life-sized, fully functional, no batteries required chew toy for 7 rowdy 7 week old Aussie pups. Good thing she's got a great temperament for this - them teeth are SHARP!

Yep, that's Hank's butt and yep, he's got her paw

And that would be Henry with her tail in his mouth. Jan makes a move on the steer knuckle Gem was originally chewing on before the horde broke out of prison

Henry's still got the tail, Jan's still after the bone. Hank did release the paw, however

And, Henry's still got the tail, Jan the bone

Oh MAN, you gotta love Sybil goin' in for a heel on Henry, who STILL has Gem's tail. I tell ya, you could watch these guys all day so long as you were wearing adult diapers

Now it's Jan going in for the heel on Henry. I really feel for the steers in these guys' future

Good thing she's not using those teeth - that looks scary to me. But Hank doesn't seem to think much of them as he scales Mt. Gem, right next to Tail Rock Arch

Sybil's in pounce mode, Hank takes a tumble, Henry and Jan wait to see what trouble they can get into

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