Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mug Shots - Cody at 8 Weeks

Shots (the real ones) and health certs for the out of state pups tomorrow, mug shots today. What I needed was a professional puppy poser; I already had an ace cameraman (Dale) at the shutter of his super duper SLR digital Nikon camera. Unfortunately, we had me trying to pose 8 week old pups who had never, EVER been asked to stand or sit still for any length of time. And, my job was to get puppy to stand (or sit) and get the heck out of the way so Dale could take the shot. Or, several shots. Many, MANY shots. My other jobs were to shoo the camera hounds (Gem, Ho Dog and momma Cricket) out of the way, and either prevent puppy from launching off the table or catching puppy in mid-air (sucessful on both counts). So these aren't the prettiest poses you're going to see, but I am not a pro at this at all. They are all put together quite nicely, which you won't see in this series, so you'll just have to take my word on it.

Due to personal reasons, two boys have become available. They are noted in each picture set. Cody is NOT one of the available pups. He's headed to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to be a major chick magnet, where he'll make great use of that pretty, fluffy coat of his.

Mug Shots - Hank at 8 Weeks

Of all the pups that I should have been able to pose and show off the best, it would have been Hank. Except, Hank being Hank, he had better things to do, places to go, items to chew, cows to work. Anything except standing still for 5 seconds in 2 directions. He really is built to the hilt, trust me.

Hank is one of two boys who may be available after next weekend. Due to personal needs, two families had to give up their picks last weekend. Hank needs a special home (and yes, he may already have it) because he's a special guy (and that's in a good way).

Mug Shots - Henry at 8 Weeks

No one will mistake me for a professional dog poser. Or even an amateur one. And y'all wonder why I avoid the conformation ring at all costs? I don't want to embarrass the dog!

Henry is one of two boys who may be available after next weekend. Due to personal reasons, two families had to opt out of getting a pup last weekend.

Mug Shots - Lee at 8 Weeks

Of all the pups, Lee was the best to work with. He's so laid back and willing that it was really easy to play with him and the camera. Still not great shots - I'm not looking at them from the front when I put them up there, I'm concentrating on staying out of the cameraman's way (Dale) and making sure the subject matter doesn't bail off the table. Lee was a total gentleman, posing however I put him (and a poor job I did too).

Lee is one of the boys who may be available after next weekend. For personal reasons, two families had to give up their picks last weekend, so we now have two boys available.

Mug Shots - Andy at 8 Weeks

Still keeping in mind these pups have never been posed before nor have they ever been asked to stand still, on a table, ever. And certainly not for a whole boatload of pix.

Andy may be one of the two boys available next weekend. Due to personal reasons, two families had to give up their picks over the weekend, so we will have two boys available.

Mug Shots - Sybil at 8 Weeks

Again, not professionally posed Sybil. Trust me when I tell you these guys really do look GOOD at this stage, nothing like what these poses show you.

Mug Shots - Jan at 8 Weeks

As you can tell, not, and I mean NOT, professionally posed at all. Matter of fact, the first time that any of the pups has been asked to stand still long enough for a shot. But, as bad as the pix are, you still get the idea. Sweet little Jan at 8 weeks old.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Momma Cricket Meets the Ducks

Looks like I guessed wrong about Cricket and ducks. I should have thought better of her, given how she feels about her chickens. It appears that maybe the duck hate gene skipped her after all. No wonder 4 of her kids are so gung-ho about ducks! This is her first time ever seeing ducks. At first, she jammed them all in a corner, singled one out and sniffed it from beak to toenail, slowly and carefully, then she released him, waited for them all to sort themselves out, and went right to work.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sybil at 7 Weeks

Sybil's second go on ducks wasn't any more productive than her first, but I finally figured out why. I had great uncle Ho out to help with the ducks, using him to push them towards and around her, thus keeping them from having to make the big circuit of the arena several times. At one point, the ducks literally split around her as she sat there watching - not the ducks, but the calves that had gathered outside the arena to see what was going on in there. That explains volumes. Duck disinterest runs on the male side of the family pretty strongly, all the way back to great granddad Chaps. Catera (great grandma) had a brother, Bruce, in training with Sharon Simmons up in Washington, and she said he'd climb or jump the fence while they were working sheep, go out, find the cattle, gather them up and bring them in before she could get out of the pen and go get him. Both Ho and daddy Hoke would much rather work cattle than anything else (especially ducks). Momma Cricket literally hates sheep, and I can just imagine what she'll think of ducks. So it looks like Sybil comes by it honestly. She's asleep right now in my office on my foot, after a little one-on-one time with great uncle Ho. His patience with her is just amazing for an old man, but she also has a lot of respect for him, something her brothers could learn a little from. Henry got a good scolding from the old man yesterday; no blood, but hurt feelings for sure. Hopefully, he learned from it.

I know it's not a great shot, but I finally did sneak one of her standing still

Great uncle Ho teaches her the pasture routine

She just can't quite reach the water yet

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seven Weeks

Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, those fat little blind guinea pigs turned into real miniature dogs. Who still think that mom's milk bar is open for business (and mom doesn't help to dispel that image). But mom is taking charge and explaining the dog facts of life to them in no uncertain terms. As expected, Hank and Henry take most of the brunt of that part. And, it's hard to believe that in two weeks, they'll all start going home.

Hank pushes his luck. 'Cute' don't cut it with ma

Little Jan at 7 Weeks

Lots of email complaints about missing a day posting puppy pix (see Leslie, you weren't the only one, just the last one), so I hauled Jan out to the ducks. Looks like she's not quite ready yet, took a few stabs at 'em, but mostly just watched them. I may mow the round pen down and try her again. But, isn't she just as cute as can be?

Ah, I see them now

Not much fun when your legs are short