Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Weeks - Meet the Pups

I know, I know - I promised these a while ago, but hey - been a bit busy 'round the ranch (and Dave, the stockdog trainer we work with, is due any minute now) and besides, it's not like they looked a whole lot different between birth and a week old (excepting the loss of tails and dews). So now that eyes are starting to open and personalities are starting to develop, it was time. Besides, they needed to get wormed anyway today, so it was as good a time as any to take some pix. Some, you might notice, only have one or two shots; others are fuzzy (besides the actual puppy fuzzy). Taking pictures of two week old pups is like corralling cats; you might get'er done, but it ain't gonna be real pretty. So, I did the best I could. The pix will get better, trust me. And don't forget to click on the pix!

Just want to mention too that all the pups have homes. We MIGHT, and I mean MIGHT, do this litter again in a coupla years if these guys turn out the way I hope they do.

Andy, the little guy. Probably my personal fave, he loves to just lay in my lap at night and snooze, and dream. He might be the smallest (but not by much any more), but he's scrappy and got grit, he does

Cody, the sweet boy who loves to lay upside down. He's gonna be a real flashy guy when he grows up!

Hank, the serious one. This guy is not only handsome as they come, but he too loves to lay in your lap for hours, quite content. Hank's eyes are open

Henry, the big guy. #2 born, big then, big now. Handsome, of course. His eyes opened today. He's quite mellow for the moment, and like almost everyone else, loves to lay upside down in laps

Jan, the almost solid, deep dark red girl. She's a pistol, this one, always on the go, but she can also lay in your lap forever. Very hard to take good pix of deep reds like her. Jan's eyes have opened

The only good pix I got of Lee. He's a riot - and handsome of course. Deep, dark red with just a touch of copper behind his front legs and on his lower cheeks, and that tiny snip on his forehead that will probably go away as he gets older. He can be a really quiet pup, but he can also have the most vivid dreams that set his little legs going like an eggbeater in overdrive

And, our little girl, Scoot. She's pretty mellow - for now. Very striking looking, and still a big girl, biggest of the bunch


  1. a couple of years should work out great for me...
    Uhm, I think I like Jan the best, or maybe Henry, er no, Scoot.

  2. I WANT ONE!! Or two or three! So cute and I know what great dogs these little ones will be.