Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time for a Snooze

Who doesn't love pix of sleeping puppies? I do so love it when they start their upside down sleeping - always makes for great pix. I think because we spend a lot of time holding them upside down and rubbing their bellies they tend to 'belly up' a lot quicker than if we weren't doing that with them.

They are gaining very well - red tri male #2 went from 15.5 oz at birth to 24 oz two days ago. I'd weigh the wiggly red tri last born, who started out at 10 oz, but he won't lay still long enough to get a good reading. He's still small, but probably close to double in size and a voracious eater.

Cricket's uncle Ho Dog met the red merle boy and the little red tri this morning. He was interested, but I think he's waiting for them to become mobile enough to play with. And, old enough that mom won't take his nose off for poking his head in the laundry room to see them.

I believe we have one male pup left, but a phone call this morning may change that to none.

Typical guy - snoozin' hard

The two boys get cozy. Interesting the difference in hues between the two. Top is tri, bottom is bi

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