Sunday, August 8, 2010

Throw Momma from the Pool

That's pretty much the only way I was gonna get some nice shots of the 5 day old brood. She went, reluctantly, with many a look backwards.

I did correct the first puppy post about the red merle girl gaining a whopping 3.5 ozs in less than 24 hours. Love those decimal points - .35 ozs in less than 24 hours sure does sound a lot better! Otherwise, she'd weigh 5 pounds by now!

One of the boys, sleepin' hard

Red merle girl and flashy boy (if you know who Walker - CH. Spring Fever Walkabout I think is his registered name - then you know what this li'l guy's gonna look like at maturity. He is a red bi and a very dark, deep red

Well, I know what this boy thinks of this picture thing!

Two boys

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