Wednesday, August 4, 2010

They're Here!

Finally, the waiting is over! And a nicer summer day we couldn't have asked for, August the 3rd. Cricket did not listen to me and delivered herself of 7 strong, healthy pups, 5 boys, 2 girls. The first born girl, who is staying right here after all that, came butt-first and being the second biggest of the bunch, stopped like a cork not quite halfway thru. With a little help from me (and some yelling from mom), we got her out and first time mom Cricket was off and running. She never made a sound for the rest of the births, not even the next to last boy, also a big guy, also breech but with rear legs back, which made it more difficult to pull to him.

Everyone's doing fine, and our vet, Ryan, is coming up tonite to take care of the incidentals (tails and dewclaws). Cricket has been very tolerant of the three strangers in the house, my little bro Stan, his 10 year old son Spencer, and Stan's pal George, but not so very tolerant of the other dogs. She took a good shot at poor Ho Dog, who loves puppies, and warned Gizmo in no uncertain terms to stay the heck away from the laundry room. Of course, Daddy Hoke could care less about his offspring, at least right now. Dale took him out and let him work yesterday while Cricket was whelping, and that was good enough for him.

Cricket is an awesome first time mom, very attentive to her brood, and I swear she's going to lick the spots right off those merles and the trim right off the rest. They nurse almost 24 hrs a day it seems, altho they aren't yet 24 hours old, and she seems to have plenty of milk because the big girl has already gained .35 ozs in less than 24 hours. They are all fat and warm and quite content, so it must be the right time to introduce tail and dewclaw removal to them as well as give them their first nail trim. Yep, just about right!

Enjoy the pix, and I think there will be 3 or maybe 4 boys available at this time.

A few hours away, after getting me up at around 2 or so this morning, she waited until 1630 to whelp the first pup

This is the next to last pup, up and nursing almost exactly 2 minutes after birth. We call this guy Mini Cricket because he's the spittin' image of his mom

The first two born, merle girl, tri boy (with rear dews, I might add)

She's staying here

This little girl is the spitting image of her paternal grandma Sinamint (Southern Cross Sinamint, Hoke's dam). Other than a touch of white on her belly, she's pure, deep, red all over

We'll be waiting to see exactly how much white he's got. He was quite a surprise, as Cricket put very little white on the rest of the pups but went overboard on this one

I think this guy was the one I said was trouble even in the womb. We call him Mini Cricket for his remarkable resemblence to his mom. I'm still not quite sure he's a tri yet, he might be a bi

This guy is stunning! He might have been the smallest of the bunch, but he's a strong nurser and quite vocal. His copper is deep as is his red, and he's got just a small white strip on his belly. He's really gonna be a looker when he grows up

A box o' pups, with 2 to go

Almost done!

There we are - all done, clean bedding, fed momma, happy pups. Now I can almost go to bed!
The bar is OPEN


  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL CRICKET! You are a great new mommy and you made me tired just looking at all these pup pictures. I hope you are enjoying your new brood and resting well after your long delivery.

  2. Dusty, Shasta is sitting with me and we are looking at these gorgeous puppies.They are beautiful ! Good Job Cricket! Wish i had room for another, i love the deep deep red coloring from your lines.