Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Snackbox

This is the box I use to move the pups from the house to the Palace and back again in the evening. For some reason, today Cricket decided this was the feeding box. You gotta love the expressions on her face, and all the puppy butts going in all directions. Don't forget to click the pix!

Gem the BC watches and wonders while the pups are just getting started on assaulting the snackbox

I think that's Henry's butt scaling the rampart, while Hank shows off his agility chops by standing upright

Wouldn't have thought they'd all fit with mom in there, but eventually, they all did

You can just read her face - 'how much longer do I have to do this?'. Not really - as usual, weaning is gonna be hard, as she wants to feed them all the time. No wonder they're so fat

Love the look, and the upside down Hank paws waving under her chest

Scoot scales the side

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