Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Puppy Palace is Finished

We finished up the Puppy Palace this afternoon, installing the last board across the front of the gate and then adding the 3/8" minus gravel inside and moving one of the dog houses in. We think we may need to add a second level to the 2"X12"'s around the perimeter, and once the horde starts escaping, we will do so. Notice the calves standing around, critiquing the job and also teasing the dogs, their fave pastime next to eating and chasing the goat and chickens.


  1. Why would a second level be needed? How would the pups escape that?! :)

  2. Hey dude! It's more to keep them from getting their little paws thru the chainlink and getting hurt, but also, Cricket needs an escape route; thus the gate remains open so she can jump over the board in front of the gate. When they start to follow her, it's time to raise the bar.