Saturday, August 14, 2010

Parade of Pups

Can it be that they will be two weeks old in a few days? They are gaining so well I worry about Cricket, altho she seems to eat as she wants, sometimes snarfing an entire bowl in one sitting, sometimes polishing up Gizmo's (much to his chagrin), and sometimes, a bit here, and a bit there. The big three - our red merle girl and the two big tri boys - have quadrupled their birthweight and the rest aren't far behind. No eyes opening yet, but nails have been trimmed, much to mom's relief. Barking of a sort has commenced too - it's been bloody hot here today, almost 98, and with no A/C, it's a tad warm in the house. The pups were panting a bit on their warm and fuzzy bedding, so I pushed some aside and put the most restless ones directly on the plastic of the pool, where they immediately fell asleep. Lucky buggers.

I need to scan the pix of Cricket's great-great grandma Morgan in the holding box to go with this one. Cricket has claimed the box as her personal bed

You can see how big them buggers are getting!

Cody, red merle boy

With red bi sis Jan

Nail trim day. Dale holds 'em, I whack 'em. Cody here

Hank poses

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