Sunday, August 29, 2010

Le Puppy Buffet

You know you've been waiting for this. I didn't publish the pix of the first feeding (out of the Julian Pie Company pie tin) because they were just too gross for the general public. You have to be a breeder to appreciate the level of grossness involved with those first feedings. And, you want to just toss all the pups in the washer afterwards, as that would be the most efficient way to get them clean again, even after momma Cricket spends two hours licking them off.

This pan is known as the 'flying saucer' puppy pan, and I find it to be the best at keeping MOST of the pups out of it. There are always a few, however....

Lee and Scoot take a break to wash each others faces

Peace reigns, at least for a short bit

Yep, always that one pup, Scoot in this case, who has to insert body into pan. Hank dips a paw in just for effect and to show that boys can be gluttonous slobs too

At the end of the day, it always seems to be Cody left in the pan, before mom is allowed in to clean up pan and pups

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