Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snooze Time for Henry

Couldn't resist the shot of Henry in Dale's lap, as usual, snoozing away on a cool summer afternoon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cricket is an Auntie!

Yesterday, Cricket's sister Macy on the other coast made her an auntie. Macy was bred to Ho Dog's very handsome blue merle brother, Coup. Who, probably just like Hoke, the sire of Cricket's litter, could care less about the whole thing. Except, unlike Hoke, Coup doesn't live right there with his offspring, so he has even less of a care about the whole fatherhood thing than Hoke does.

Black tri girl

Woodie, red merle boy

Tired momma Macy and her brood

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Le Puppy Buffet

You know you've been waiting for this. I didn't publish the pix of the first feeding (out of the Julian Pie Company pie tin) because they were just too gross for the general public. You have to be a breeder to appreciate the level of grossness involved with those first feedings. And, you want to just toss all the pups in the washer afterwards, as that would be the most efficient way to get them clean again, even after momma Cricket spends two hours licking them off.

This pan is known as the 'flying saucer' puppy pan, and I find it to be the best at keeping MOST of the pups out of it. There are always a few, however....

Lee and Scoot take a break to wash each others faces

Peace reigns, at least for a short bit

Yep, always that one pup, Scoot in this case, who has to insert body into pan. Hank dips a paw in just for effect and to show that boys can be gluttonous slobs too

At the end of the day, it always seems to be Cody left in the pan, before mom is allowed in to clean up pan and pups

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Snackbox

This is the box I use to move the pups from the house to the Palace and back again in the evening. For some reason, today Cricket decided this was the feeding box. You gotta love the expressions on her face, and all the puppy butts going in all directions. Don't forget to click the pix!

Gem the BC watches and wonders while the pups are just getting started on assaulting the snackbox

I think that's Henry's butt scaling the rampart, while Hank shows off his agility chops by standing upright

Wouldn't have thought they'd all fit with mom in there, but eventually, they all did

You can just read her face - 'how much longer do I have to do this?'. Not really - as usual, weaning is gonna be hard, as she wants to feed them all the time. No wonder they're so fat

Love the look, and the upside down Hank paws waving under her chest

Scoot scales the side


What can I say about Henry? The big guy reminds me of Ho Dog - just a big ol', easy going goofball that wants to say hi to everyone.


I still think this little guy is the cutest of the cute!


Cody, the red merle boy. They are all just so cute at this stage, but I still can't wait to put them on ducks in a few weeks and watch 'em do what they were bred to do.

Oh, this boy has got the posing thing down, doesn't he?

Hank and Henry come over to see what he's doing

Puppy Pandemonium

Ah, the fun is just getting started. Spent an hour or so out in the Puppy Palace taking shots (and still playing with the camera, as you might notice) and fending off tiny teeth all over my ankles and toes. Got a bunch of pictures, so I'm going to break them up into individuals and the funnier than heck (if you were there) Snackbox series. Enjoy and don't forget to click the pix!

Jan and Andy share a pensive moment (then they started fighting, in true sister/brother fashion)

Cody and Hank

Puppy fight - Cody, Henry and Lee get a ruckus going

Andy joins the fray

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye, Big Red

Yeah, yeah, I know this is out of order, but that's what happens to me when I try to update the blog with a huge wad of pictures to go thru. I just happened across the pix of Jim and Cholina leaving with Big Red and of course, they HAD to go on the blog, didn't they?

Cholina, still scheming how to get Ho Dog into the truck without anyone noticing

Me, bro and Ho

In the swing, one last time

And, they're off

Big Red swings out of the drive for the last time, past his old home and its new resident, Really Big Red

Really Big Red Gets After It

No rest for RBR. Temporary registration yesterday, first trip to Jerry's today. It was kinda nice to haul a load of lumber without the trailer for a change!

You can tell Dale's a happy camper, can't you? Even tho this load of lumber means another project (extending the footing around the Puppy Palace)

3 Weeks - Out into the World

I can hardly believe they are three weeks old already! Growing like the wild blackberries around here, they are. They had their first real meal yesterday, one that they actually did pretty much eat (and smear all over creation, more fun for poor momma Cricket). Two meals thus far today, with one coming later, after they come back inside. They went out to the Puppy Palace for the day today, but will be coming back inside to sleep at night for at least another few days. They are getting around pretty well, fighting, barking, growling and chewing all over each other and anything that gets in range of their mouths. Gem the BC was absolutely fascinated with them today when they went out with the big dogs; she whined for the first time since we got her (and she'll be 2 on the 29th). But, Cricket's not ready to let any of the big dogs except, oddly enough, Ho Dog, near them yet. She chewed on Gem pretty good, physically pushed daddy Hoke right out the door, but allowed Ho Dog to get up close and personal with a coupla the kiddies.

They are really starting to be a lot of fun now. Next weekend we'll be headed to Nick's place to pick up 5 ducks for them to play with in a few weeks. I can hardly wait!

Don't forget to click the pix.

First time out, without a roof overhead

Let me out!! Jan and Lee

Lee strikes a dramatic pose with little Andy right on top of him

Henry and Hank, out exploring

Daddy Hoke checks out his son Hank's posterior

Henry, our social butterfly, waddles over to see Dale and momma Cricket

Henry, background, and Hank, posing

Hank and mom get a little together time

Jan, Andy, Scoot and Lee, with Cody in the back

Dining al fresco

Hank is quite photogenic

It looks like there was an explosion at the puppy factory