Friday, July 9, 2010

Yes, She Is

It's been quite a wait, but I think the waiting is almost over. 9 years since the last litter, of which Cricket's mom was one of. Now, finally, it appears that our planned litter out of Cricket by Hoke is confirmed.

First possible due date is 31 July. Me and many other folks have been looking forward to this litter for a long, long time. If it weren't so hot already, I'd go start hauling whelping supplies out of the old red barn and washing up bedding and such.

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Sorry to all who might be interested, but all the pups are spoken for. Best I can do is add your name to the list, just in case. They will be outstanding stock dogs, especially on cattle, and will have incredible noses as well for tracking and SAR. They also will not be for the faint of heart, nor will they be backyard dogs. They will be scary-smart and while not hyper (hyper does NOT make a good working stockdog at all), they will be in need of training, a job and exercise, not really any different from any other breed.

Starting the countdown!

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