Monday, July 26, 2010

Porky Princess

6 days and counting! She could go longer, but because we're pretty sure we AI'd her just about the last day of her standing heat, probably not much longer. And there is at least one pup in there that has trouble written all over him (you KNOW it's going to be a boy) already, on the left side. He's a tumbler, kicker and poker. It's always so weird to watch and see her pink skin bulging and moving from within, like something out of 'Alien' or 'The Thing'. The other pups are also pretty active, but not like this guy.

She's started letting down a little milk now in the back teats, and her appetite is more in tune with 'wow LOOK, a dead bat! Gourmet!' than 'oh, that nasty puppy chow mixed with olive oil, organic chicken broth and ranch-raised hamburger again? Puh-LEEZ!'. And, she's gettin' mighty clingy, as did her grandma Catera, great-grandma Jazzee, and great-great grandma Morgan towards their whelp date. The funny part is watching her move. Her nearly perfect rear movement has morphed into a sort of spraddle-legged waddle, complete with teat-slapping sound effects. Every morning, her job is to run the chickens out of their pen and out of the barn, and lately, the Gangsta Girls, who will even stand up to the cows, have fled in terror from this noisy apparation instead of their usual leisurely strut just ahead of the portly princess.

For those who are interested, there is a chance there will be a few pups available after all. Many of the original list have opted to pass or have gotten a pup already from elsewhere. True, ranch working Aussies, scary-smart, loyal and of moderate size and coat, with correct temperament and structure, all health guarantees and tested/cleared for hips, elbows, eyes, MDR-1 drug sensitivity, thyroid and DNA'd for parentage. Contact me for more info if you're interested, or to set up an interview (yes, you WILL be interviewed). These pups will NOT make good backyard ornaments! They will excel at tracking, working stock (especially cattle), obedience, agility and any other performance event. They will be correct enough to show in ASCA conformation shows under judges who understand the breed standard, but probably won't be thrilled about the conformation ring (boring).

The Pudgy Princess in her whelping pool awaits

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