Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just Another Cattle Drive

Yup, just another day at the office for Sharon and Frank. Gotta admit - it's quite an office they have. Sharon pulled her cow/calf pairs off Wendy's place that adjoins our place to the south of us (at one time, Wendy's place and ours was one complete parcel) this morning and took them about 2 miles up the road to their place, and from there, they'll be hauled or maybe driven again to the refuge to graze for the rest of the summer. Other than Pablo, it was just Sharon on her horse and Frank in the lead truck and a fine, cool, summer's morn.

Don't forget to click the pix. Here, Sharon is hazing the cows down to the gate at the east side of Wendy's place, down our far south fenceline of our south pasture

Really hard to see, but just to the left of the pole you can see Sharon on her horse. And to the right, you can see our baby boy Roar, who just pounded down the hill to see where 'his' girls were going without him. He was quite offended that they didn't even say goodbye. Women can be so cruel, especially these first time young moms

Approaching the turn on our east fenceline to the north pasture. They will turn east on Dawson Road and head for Bellfountain Road, about where the big hill there is

Making the turn nice and smooth

You can see Roar helping things along - NOT!

He turns away so them young girls don't see him cry

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  1. I could just about hear Roar saying, "Wait, Baby come back! She didn't mean anything to me! Come back Baby, come back."
    And then muttering to himself as he turned away, "they'll never find another guy like me, those girls will be back."