Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cricket Update

Oh, to be pregnant in the summer. Sorry 'bout that, Cricket, but the other option would be during the rainy/snowy season. Easier to cool off than to warm up when it's near the negative numbers. Plus, the idea of tiny total mudballs rampaging thru the run isn't so very appealing, at least not to me.

About 2 weeks to go, and the mom to be has gone from 'no, I'd rather go throw up in the bushes than eat a single thing' to 'get out of the way, that might be edible and I must consume it RIGHT NOW'. I'm having to make sure anything and everything remotely edible is out of the range of those snapping jaws, or it'll disappear forever. She's banned from being out in the garden, because when she snarfs strawberries, she tends to tromp all over the not yet ripe ones she hasn't seen in her quest to fill those growing little bellies. And I'm pretty sure unripe strawberries aren't exactly the best for expectant moms. Cricket is also eyeing the ripening blackberries with an evil glint in her eyes. She does get her fresh boiled egg daily along with extra virgin olive oil sprayed on her puppy chow. As soon as she cleans her bowl, she's looking at poor Gem's half eaten bowl. Gem, being a BC and below the bottom of the pecking order, would meekly give up her food in an instant if Cricket looked sideways at her, so I have to make sure that Gem eats and Cricket pouts.

Have a good thought for Cricket. At least it's not in the triple digits, temperature-wise!

After banishment from the garden, a mighty pout from the porky princess

Shameless, that's what she is

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  1. so far Cricket is still a svelte beauty, at least compared to the much beloved Orca.