Friday, May 21, 2010

Storm Damage

Dale noticed yesterday morning that we were down to 2 green bars (out of 4) on the electric fence metre, so we knew we had a problem somewhere. Spent most of yesterday cruising the fencelines, permanent and temporary, fixing up sagging flagline, restringing some of it, and pulling small branches and leaves off the permanent fences' three hotwires. It wasn't until we got the final part of the inspection/fixing tour that we came across the reason for the drain. A large branch off one of the maples on the south fenceline had come down onto the fence. Dale took the offending branches off and freed up the wire, but until we can get to the other side of the fence with the tractor, the bulk of the branch just gets to stay where it is for now.

That's not a small tree, it's a branch from that maple that stuck in the ground like a thrown javelin

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  1. What model of Echo weedwacker do you have? I just got a new one and am super-excited about it. Much better than my last one!