Monday, May 17, 2010

Peas Poppin'

Oh yeah - I can almost taste that stir fry already! And since I can't remember which side of the pea fence is snow peas and which is sugar snaps, well, it doesn't really matter - both are superb right off the vine (most don't make it into the house) and in stir fry. The box of 'German Butterball' potatoes are almost ready for their first new board, and ALL of the corn is up! Yeeehah!! 17 were up yesterday, and the rest popped up today. That means that I didn't have to do the black plastic after all this year (seen behind the pea plants). The variety I plant, 'Mirai', is supposed to be a good cool soil germinator and I'd say CONFIRMED to that. Which is a good thing, as we had our 3 days of 70+, and now it's back to normal, low 50's and raining. I actually started the morning in shorts and ended in sweats once the clouds and rain came in.

This was just kind of a pretty picture of Dingbat the Wonderhorse grazing contentedly in his private paddock on a fine spring afternoon

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