Friday, May 21, 2010

More Stormy Weather

After almost a full week of NOT having to turn on the pellet stove, two days ago, on it went. Hasn't been off much since. And of course, since I planted out the 'Brandywine' tomato and some of the flower starts from the greenhouse, we're under a frost advisory for Sunday and Monday. Believe me, if I have to sit out all night with a propane heater, the corn seedlings and that tomato plant WILL survive! And everything else will stay in the greenhouse for the time being, still.

The ranch, from the south pasture. This tends to be one of the best views this time of year

A cells sweeps over about the Monroe area

Another one headed for Monroe

I have always loved this view of one of Bob's pieces of land he inherited from his dad earlier this year. The hillside is part of the 139 acres he is currently listing for sale, which includes about 77,000 Xmas trees, an old house, some outbuildings and some nice grazing land. If I owned it, right there in that sunny spot just below the treeline at the top of the hill would be my homesite

I love to record how the light changes on that parcel during stormy weather

A view of Nusbaum's pond from the south pasture

A dramatic shot of a mini cell going thru Bellfountain

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