Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mid Spring Flowers

Another wild weather day here, which basically has kept us inside most of the day. I saw at least 42mph on the wind metre at one point. Not much rain, but when it came down, it really came down hard. Made a quick check of the greenhouse to make sure it was holding together (it was) and snapped a few pix of what's in bloom right now. Not all of what's blooming, but the bigger stuff. I also discovered that my carefully repotted, very large group of what I thought was petunia "Flambe" turned out to be, of all things, trailing lobelia and mimulus! They started blooming in the greenhouse a few days ago, and I was quite floored. I knew the foliage looked very wrong for a petunia, but figured hey, it's an Italian variety (as am I, so don't think I'm dissin' my own people), it could be different from the regular ol' garden variety petunia. At least they weren't weeds. And at least I now have a LOT more trailing lobelia to play with, a bonus.

So, enjoy the short tour, and I better get back to seeing what's blowing down out there.

A little bit of roses (white 'Jaqueline du Pre', pink 'Reconcilliation', highly fragrant), a lilac (purple and white picotee 'Sensation') and the small tree behind them all, the intoxicatingly fragrant crabapple 'Brandywine'

The lupines just getting started in the garden

'Lyda Rose', one of two of them flanking 'Alchymist' by the dairy barn garage. As you can see, in about 4 days it's just going to explode

The diminutive but highly fragrant lilac 'Miss Kim'

The HUGE red paoeny under one of the ancient lilacs. The fragrance is indescribable

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