Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hoke, Workin' Bloke

It was a fine day to get a little working in for Hoke. Right now, his big problem is patience - he doesn't have much, just like Cricket. That's why I half-killed Ho Dog the other day doing the sort - he's got the patience and the miles neither of the other two do. So today, Dale took to teaching Hoke to relax and let Dale dictate how things needed to go. And, it went well. Both he and Cricket have the same problem though, that when we really REALLY need them to hold their position while we try to catch a sheep or do something, they just feel they need to jump in and help, which usually results in bad things happening. So, we just have to set up situations that would normally cause them to go into Helpful Harry mode and school them NOT to be so helpful unless we specifically ask for it. Gonna be tough for them both, but if Ho Dog can learn to do it, so can they. They better; poor Ho ended up at the vet's the next morning for new pain meds. We can't afford that sort of thing very often.

Gathering the boy flock out of the south pasture and headed down the hill to the working arena

Headed for the gate. This is where both Hoke and Cricket need to learn a LOT more patience

Thru the gate. Note how far back Hoke is

Learning to let it go

It's hard on him, believe me

His reward - pick up his sheep and bring 'em. Note the two observers on the other side of the gate
Very nice, controlled lift out of the corner
And, a nice controlled walk up to end it

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