Monday, May 17, 2010

Ho Dog - Ten Years of Goofiness

What can ya say about a dog who came into the world butt-first, a dog you've shared your life with for the past ten years? A dog that wasn't even supposed to be yours, the one you weren't keeping (you were keeping his very handsome blue merle brother Jag, honest you were), but the one that at 6 weeks of age, decided he was gonna be staying right here, thank you very much, in Dale's warm and snuggly lap. Where, even at 65 pounds today, you can still find him.

You already know he can work, so I left those pictures out and I'm giving you 10 years of Ho Dog. The original BURD (Big Ugly Red Dog). The dog that can make me laugh my butt off one minute and want to absolutely KILL him the next. He's made me cry in frustration and anger, and he's done the most amazing things without being asked. He did one of his High Cattle runs, in Advanced, with me standing by the centre chute and NEVER SAYING ONE WORD until he was on the final stretch. He stood there barking in the face of a balky duck, who was quacking right back at him, for 3 of the longest minutes of my life during a trial that had even the judge laughing so hard she couldn't bear to call time on him. He met my nephew Spencer for the first time and immediately claimed him as his, joining him in his pool. His 'enthusiastic' greetings for people he knows doesn't faze them anymore, but scares the living daylights out of people who don't know they are his friend (strangers). He took one look at an ordinary looking guy in Cayucos two years ago and for the first time in his life, I saw him growl and the hair go up on his back. I never knew why this particular guy got him going, but for some reason, I believed Ho and kept my distance. Every dog is his long lost best buddy, even those trying to chew his face off. He's gentle with small children and lambs, but let the bull decide to challenge him, he's suddenly 10' tall and made of teeth. He is the world's happiest dog, and in spite of all his goofiness and the things he does that drive me crazy, I treasure him every minute.

One day, he'll grow up. But then again, I'm not really sure I want him to.

Rock on, Ho Dog!

He went bad early

I think he was about 4 months old here. The 'hood munchkins loved dressing him up for Halloween

With his late uncle Merlin in his first snow

I think he was about 14 weeks at this puppy class show

About a year old, with a puppy we were babysitting. That's his mom, Catera, looking over his shoulder

With grandma Jazzee in September 2007, Santiem Pass. We were returning from Idaho, where he'd just finished his Working Trial Championship (WTCH)

Already got the goofy look down as a wee puppy, probably 4 weeks old

Great grandma Morgan, grandma Jazzee, mom Catera, a month or so shy of 2 years

He loves to climb things. About 2, Ramona California

When he, Gizmo and Jazzee retired from Children's Hospital as Therapy Dogs. His great grandma Morgan, he and Jazzee were the most popular dogs in the programme

Supervising the big water line project yesterday

Now that's one dignified 10 year old, wouldn't you say?

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