Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Grow Garden Grow!

There are perfect days for gardening, and today was one of them. Threat of rain all day, right now finally making good on that threat. High 50's. Light breeze from time to time. Cloudy. Dale totally wrapped up with work. Cows where they needed to be. Last of the lambs banded and ready to be weaned. Yeah, it didn't get much better than today to spend the whole day in the garden. Had to do a lot of weeding too; when the weeds started hiding the beds, it was time to get after them. Up here, the weeds rule this time of year unless you keep putting them in their place. Yesterday, I did exactly that throughout the homestead with a combo of Buccaneer (ag version of Roundup at half the price) and Milestone, a potent broadleaf and brush murderer. Thugs like bull and Canada thistle and Himalayan blackberries gobble up anything lesser. Needless to say, in the garden, hand-pulling is the order of the day, not spraying.

It was a very productive day too. Cukes all went in, as did the last of the Brussels sprouts, the pumpkin and the Sapomiel melon. Had I not flat run out of energy (and the rain was coming), I'd have seeded the second bed of corn as well. I also got some of the hanging flower baskets out and hung and planted two more.

A day of gardening is my happy place.

The runaway bed of strawberries. Oh so sweet and tender, I gobbled a bunch while weeding the bed today

'Connecticut Field' pumpkin and 'Sapomiel' melon

The potato boxes. The 'German Butterball' box on the right is ready for the next board to go on and to be buried a bit

Far bed (closest to fence) is the 'Cippolino' red baby onions and some errant shallots and potatoes left over from last year. Closer bed is thyme, some odd kind of celery, basil and 'Fall Gold' raspberries (difficult to see)

Inside the greenhouse

Overview, looking towards black plastic covered corn beds, pea fence (none of the 'Oregon Sugar Pod II' snowpeas has made it to the house yet) and two flower beds with lupine and pansies, pinks, monarda didyma bee balm, flax, poppies, nasturtiums and maybe foxgloves again this year. I like to keep my bee girls happy as well as add some colour to the veggie garden

Another overview, looking towards the pasture. Hope you're remembering to click on the pix!

The cuke trellis. 'Cool Breeze', 'Pearl', 'Miss Pickler' and 'Bush Pickle'. Gonna be a butt-load of picklin' going on this summer!

The first corn bed and the cuke trellis to the left of it. The narrow bed on the other side of the corn bed has 'Watermelon' radishes and a salad mix growing. Large bushy plant on the end of the corn bed is a centaura montana that the bee girls adore

Chives and blueberry 'Chippewa'. Blueberry 'Ka Bluey' is on the other side of the chives

A stout and happy 'Brandywine' tomato. 'Kellogg's Breakfast' and 'Oregon Spring' are almost ready to go in the ground

Another fine crop of 'Candy' onions takes flight

And our hard workin' bee girls, with their new addition to their home

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