Friday, May 28, 2010

Gizmo, Working Papillon

Not to be confused with the REAL working dogs on the ranch, Gizmo the Papillon from Hell decides that sheep annoy him, so he does what he does best - annoys them back. I think they were just humouring him, or maybe laughing at him. Don't forget to click the pix for the expression on some of their faces. Priceless.

The two old guys, Gizmo and Ho Dog

Trust me, the sheep know where to go, and even tho that little white puff following them thinks he's really influencing them much, he's not, not really

Poor Ho Dog cannot believe I told him to stand and stay while that 13 year old, 9 pounds soaking wet with his Polarfleece sweater on Papillon takes his sheep for a spin

He is actually moving them here, but believe me, to the sheep he's just a tiny predator that they feel the need to move away from, and I have no control over this little predator, so I can't place him where I want to influence the sheep, all I can hope to do is grab him at some point when the sheep decide they've had enough and turn on his little puffy white butt

I don't understand how he knew where to be to keep them on the fence, but by golly, he's keeping them on the fence. At least, while they are in motion. When they stop, he immediately loses interest and finds something else to do. I've seen waaaaay too many dogs like this in actual working trials

What a nice obstacle! Just proves that anything, even a rabbit, could influence sheep to move in a particular direction when placed appropriately

Keeping them pinned on the fence for the crossdrive. VERY nice. Of course, he's barking his head off at the moment

Well, missed that gate because he got too close and by now, even tho it was barely 1/2 a lap of the working arena, my VERY out of shape ewes were about done with listening to this little morsel yap at them and were about to turn around and run his butt over, so I had Ho Dog, who was outside the arena, stop them so Gizmo would stop and I could grab him before he became a Papillon pancake

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