Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gizmo - Dog of Nature

Seriously? This is a dignified, elderly Papillon? Perhaps the smartest of the toy breeds (and smarter than a lot of big breeds), the very dog that Marie Antoinette supposedly took to the guilloutine with her? THIS dog?

Gizmo, spending the day out in nature while we continued the Mud, Sweat and Beers fest. He'll be 13 on May 22nd. He'd love to get a birthday card from his fans. Send them along to:

He does prefer cash as opposed to silly things like dog toys and undignified dog clothing. I suspect he's in cahoots with Dogbert and his New Ruling Class. On second thought, send silly dog toys and undignified dog clothes, forget the cash. No telling how much trouble he could get into with that.

He's not dignified, he's Gizmo

Got that tongue thing going, or I'm just really lucky with the camera

That's more like it

Kinda dignified here. He's actually watching Dale eat a tuna/egg salad sandwich and hoping Dale notices him watching

That's my goofy little man

Headin' out to harass the horse and goat after taking on Baby Boy Roar the bull, who outweighs him by about 2191#

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