Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Days of Cows and Iris'

Monday was a busy, busy day. Bonnie arrived, and brought with her a tremedous rainstorm. We'd made it thru most of the day with just a smattering of rain until that moment, and from there on out, it seemed to be one cloudburst after another. Just a few minutes before Jeff, Sandy and Jesse the birthday boy arrived to pick up Turbo, the sun came out, Steve stopped by and the rain pretty much faded away. We got Turbo into the trailer, no problem at all, then us women went in and talked cows and horses while the guys stayed outside talking logging and guns. We saw Turbo and his new family off about an hour before dark.

The next day was cow visiting day. We started out at Julie's near Albany, visiting Romance's half sister Pecan with her new calf and Roar's daughter Valentine with her new daughter. Also got to see HA McKinnley, an 8 year old silver bull that made baby boy Roar look like a yearling. From there, it was lunch in Albany, then up to Schreiner's iris garden ( in Salem where we spent the next three hours oohing and ahhing over the most gorgeous iris' I've ever seen. We got so tired of saying "oh my GOD look at THAT one!" that Bonnie called a moratorium on the phrase, giving the blanket statement "you're ALL gorgeous!". I took 155 pictures; Bonnie took more. We then jetted across the I-5 to Silverton and Cooley's iris', only to find them closed and the gardens, well, sparse. The owner did show up while we were wondering what was going on and we got a catalogue, and he told us the gardens had been renovated but the very young iris' took a really hard hit last December during the deep freeze. That explained a lot.

From there, it was a leisurely and very scenic drive out to Sweet Home to visit Hillside Acres Murray Greys. George and Sharon made a whole lot of time for us in their evening schedule. We visited the yearling bulls at the homestead, then drove a short ways to the leased pasture where the cows were. From there, it was to the grandkid's place in Crawfordsville to see a young bull and a few more cows, then back to the homestead. From there, we took a late evening drive home, arriving just at dark around 9ish. We were both pretty done in, but it was a really enjoyable day, we got to see some beautiful gardens and flowers, and some nice Murray's, and I finally got to meet George and Sharon.

This morning, Bonnie headed back to her mom's in Medford, stopping along the way to see some more properties for sale, and I headed out to see the injured lamb. Dave and Dale had looked at him on Tuesday and Dave figured it was probably a broken shoulder, not fixable, so we loaded poor little Patrick into the truck and took him to Randy at 4 Star Meat. We should get him back early next week. It always hurts to lose an animal, and losing a lamb like Patrick hurts even worse. At least he's out of his misery - this morning, while bringing him up from the bottom of the south pasture, he kept flopping down and playing dead. Ho Dog was very gentle with him.

The rest of the day consisted of fixing the broken water line to the south pasture - we are supposed to be in the mid-70's the next few days - and moving cows. First I moved the yearling heifers into the maternity pasture. Then, since it was time to breed Romance for Bonnie, we moved Romance, her daughter Dawn and Roar into the south pasture, then moved all the rest of the cows into the north pasture so we could give the maternity pasture a break. A little while later, I noted three worm trails in the hay pasture that would be three calves wandering around out there, up to their backs in grass, so I went down and strung another hot wire below the existing one to discourage that. Then it was into the garden for some watering in anticipation of the coming heat.

It's about time for bed, methinks. I'll leave you with some pretty pictures.


Iris and allium

I think this is 'Drama Queen'

'Afternoon in Rio'

Entrance to Schreiner's Iris Gardens

Parade of pansies in the garden centre

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