Friday, May 21, 2010


Up here, rainbows are a fact of life most of the year, but they are especially beautiful this time of year when everything is so fresh and green. A lovely evening rainshower and attendant rainbow, accented by a fine bunch of shedding cows.

Sisterly love - Vixen and little sis Velvet. They are full sisters, out of Ruffie by Roar

The yearlings and calves meander over the pasture to fresh grazing

Speedy and Vixen

Vixen, Velvet and Sunshine

Vivienne, Vixen, Velvet and Violet

Vivienne, Vixen and Velvet

Vivienne, Vixen and Velvet

Vivienne, owned by Donna of Bellfountain, and Vixen, just purchased by Mark of Pleasant Hill

Viv and Vixen, the yearling heifers

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